Rage  is the first installment in a series of Contemporary Women’s Fiction novels. It’s set in present day Manhattan, and in a hamlet on the north shore of Long Island, New York.
Marcy is riled, frightened and confused. Nightmares hound her by night and anger controls her by day. Her sudden mood changes drastically impact her life and her relationships, and the worst part is she doesn’t know the cause of these emotions. The love of her life becomes so frustrated that he issues her an ultimatum – either seek professional help or lose him.
After a traumatic experience of being held up at gunpoint on the same day she witnesses Brad, her love, with another woman, she is pushed over the edge. She finally decides to get the help she needs. She receives assistance from a psychiatrist and support from an unexpected second source – a stranger named Liam with whom she feels an inexplicable connection. On Liam’s own quest for revenge, he helps Marcy confront the violent tragedies of her past, uncover more answers than she could have ever imagined, and discover the source of her rage.


"Don't let failures deter you. It only means the next time your chance of succeeding is greater!"


'His bedroom window over the desk faces the main street. I decide to look out the window to see if I can spot him coming, but the only way I can see the sidewalk below is to stand on the black vinyl chair in front of his desk. I need to be careful though, because it rolls, spins, and tilts backward. I grab hold of the window sash to steady myself. As I'm trying to peer downward, I hear a voice behind me.

"Marcy, what are you doing?"

I'm so startled, I abruptly stand up, the chair starts rocking, tilts backward and I lose my balance.'


"My thought: "Just because we're busy, doesn't mean we're accomplishing anything."


"How powerful, when everything falls so perfectly into place. It amazes me that one can think it's a coincidence. Perfection isn't by accident-it's by design."


"It's the imperfectinos that make someone or something beautiful."


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